“Landscape photography is an escape from the buzzing world — the thrill of knowing each sunrise and sunset is different, lets individuality show the creative potential of a photographer.”

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Harrybehindthelens is a professional landscape photographer and workshop leader, who focuses to capture the wild unspoiled beauty of East Anglia.

For this last 5-6 years landscape photography has been a keen part of my life, whether it’s being out and about around the wild landscapes of Suffolk updating an ever ending library of images on my website, running my business or writing for local magazines/publications. I run professional photographic workshops across East Anglia to help further other individuals of any level with their photography. My day-to-day life is heavily influenced by my photography as it really is now part of my routine, over the last few years I have been trying to venture further and further out of my way to try and capture some really special images, which has taken me across East Anglia & abroad.

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