Harrybehindthelens is a Suffolk based landscape photographer, whom focuses on capturing the un-seen beauty in the landscapes around East Anglia.

For this last 5-6 years landscape photography has been a keen part of my life, whether it’s being out and about, updating a ever ending library of images, running a business or submitting my view on photography through my images to local magazines.

My day-to-day life is heavily influenced by my photography as it really is now part of my routine, over the last few years I have been trying to venture further and further out of my way to try and capture some really special images, which has taken me so far to Portugal, all around Suffolk and the deepest darkest depths of North Norfolk.



Lowepro — Since having my first bag sent to me the Lowepro 450AW Pro-tactic - I have loved their bags since.

L-Type Prints — An official ambassador for their revolutionary new way of printing.

Saal Digital —  A product reviewer & close partner since first trying out their do-it-yourself photo products.



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