Travelling with essentials

Throughout my life, travelling has been a major thing for me - whether it is going to see family, going abroad, scouting locations, photographic trips & much more. Packing my camera gear, is just another thing.

Starting off is the Benro Mach 3 Tripod, which the size itself makes Easy-jet dislike me as this causes my 2 carry-on-bags to expand to 3. Whenever I travel I always make an essential travel list which is quite interesting to hear about really.

  • Canon 6D

  • Canon 70-200 F/4

  • Canon 16-35 F/4

  • Lee Filters 0.9 ND Grad / Big & Little Stopper

  • Lee Filters Holder / Polarizing 100x100

  • Water Bottle & Snacks

  • Coffee (Alot of it)

  • Laptop

  • SSD Hard-drive 1TB

  • Benro Mach 3 AL

  • Microfiber Cloths x5

  • 30ml Lens Spray

  • Lens-Pen x2

  • Spyder PRO5 Screen-Cal

  • Remote Shutter Cable

  • AAA / AA Batteries

  • Spare Canon Batteries X2

  • Loupe Viewfinder

If you would like to know where I purchased any of these products from, drop a comment.