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Suffolk's Coastal scene is easily one of the most photographed places of the county due to the significance of the unique landscapes the coast has to offer.

On my bucket list for this year among, Iceland, The Highlands & Island of Skye - there was a much more easy location to acheive which was Dunwich Heath & Beach which is owned by the East of England National Trust. As soon as I arrived to the scene with my freind & personal driver Jack, we saw the immediate purple that was evidently covering the majority of the landscape, this heather which blooms around August/September time if you wanted to visit yourself.

Anyway, from the main lifeguard house we headed downwards the cliff with the beach on our right, there was some fantastic little hidden shingle spots which created some stunning foreground attention, to see an example image just look at the cover image for this blog.

The floor on the way to the main heather patch was littered with small purple heather just beggining to bloom on the floor (right), once we got to the heather, there was more colors than the rainbow, and surely more than I had ever seen, espcially for a photograph.

To acheive a array of the most natural shots possible which I always strive to acheive, I use a combonation of filters to try and acheive the most balanced image possible, whether it's the split intrest in the foreground & backround, or the sky & landscape having a evenly balanced exposure. The clouds which you can see have been dramatically focused on using a Lee 1.2 N.D Filter, were non-moving which had made my initial focus of getting some movement in the image using the big stopper to having just some very simple evenly balanced images which I was very happy with.

The night ended with a small trickle of rain, and with darkness swiftly making it's way across the landscape! We had only explored at most 5% of the heath, and captured some stunning pictures.

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