Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book a workshop?

If you head over to you can book there.

Can I re-arrange a workshop?

Workshops can be re-arranged up-to 48 hours in advance, otherwise attendee (s) will be liable for full cost.

How long are half-day & full-day workshops?

Half-day workshops run for 4-6 hours & Full-Day workshops run for 7-8 hours.

What happens if it rains on that day?

On the day, we will be at the mercy of the British weather, however if substantial weather is expected then the workshop will be postponed.

Can I cancel the workshop?

Once the workshop has been arranged, and has had a day allowance — cancellation is not possible due to the day of the workshop being exclusive to you and no-one else.

Can I buy a workshop for someone else?

Yes you can. All workshops will be sent with a workshop voucher, meaning it is perfect for a gift.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is not an age limit due to Harry being 17. All under 18’s parents must book & arrange the workshop. All ages are encouraged, especially younger audiences.

How long are workshops?

All workshops are 3-4 hours each, depending on location.

How do I arrange a workshop’s date/location?

This will all be arranged via email, dates & locations are chosen by you. However I can suggest locations.

Why a group workshop?

A group workshop helps other photographers meet, discuss, photograph and learn from each other. Also with the ability of asking any questions, queries or tuition from the workshop leader.


How to you manage my data?

Please visit my legal notices, to view all website terms & conditions.

Is this website GDPR regulated?

Yes, this website is inline with all GDPR regulations.

Who designed your site?

I designed it myself, using Squarespace.


How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders are shipped Royal Mail 1st Class Signed Service, which aims for next-day delivery, however for international orders please allow up-to 2 weeks.

How long does it take to ship my item?

Depending on certain items, most are shipped within 2-3 days however some can be as long as months depending if the product is on pre-order.


All physical items are returnable, in exchange for store credit.