1-2-1 Workshops & Courses

1-2-1 Workshops & Courses

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1-2-1 Workshops are the best way to improve your landscapes, these bespoke landscape photography workshops help further your Landscape photography around Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex. This workshop is invaluable with dedicated tutor to tutee tuition unlike my other group workshops.

・Location Anywhere in Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex.

・Date This will be arranged over email, once the workshop is booked.

・Length 3-4 hour slot to Full-Day workshop.

・Itinerary Bespoke itinerary for each workshop/course, all dependant on the attendees request.

・Bits & bobs On the day, there will be a full range of Lee Filters available to use along with adapters for any and all lenses, alongside with spare tripods (available upon request).

・What you’ll need All you need to do is get to the location of the workshop and bring your full set of camera gear, all workshops are for all ages including young photographers looking to expand their knowledge with someone likeminded.

To view workshop terms & conditions, please visit www.harrybehindthelens.com/workshop-tcs

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